Soma Foreningen RF is a non governmental, non profit organization concerned with civil society issues, particularly promoting equality of opportunities and good relations between persons of different racial groups. The organization is established 2012 but registered 2013 in Oravais, Finland.

Our objectives are to improve the knowledge of the European Union and the instruments that are available to the youngest thereby promoting greater understanding and social cohesion. Involved is non-governmental organization aiming at creating possibilities for life-long learning and fostering development of individuals and different targets on local and international level. Via broadening the

horizons, developing practical skills and offering information and activities, we aim at more active participation in civil society. Involved is interested in and active at youth mobility projects and development of voluntary work, intercultural learning, integration and migration, equal and human rights.  Involved is fostering the development of young people and people working for them in the nonformal education sphere, sending them out to international mobility projects such as trainings, study visits, camps, conferences and international youth exchanges, but also volunteering and traineeship projects for longer period of time. On local level, we have been organising trainings on project

management and foreign languages. Involved has been both applying projects itself, but also being partner for international collaborators. Erasmus+ SFRF promotes the intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, exchange of knowledge and European awareness through the active participation of young people, organizations and companies, in projects involving mobility, entrepreneurial education, professional and personal growth.

In particular, purposes of the organization are:

• The creation of programs and actions against poverty, unemployment and social marginalization.

• Promoting and deepening the concepts of Democracy, Freedom and the European ideal.

• Support and protect immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Finland. The defense of the rights of people from third countries entitled to protection in our country as well as their smooth integration into Finland society. The creation of programs against racism of every kind. The offer of support for repatriation procedures to citizens of third world countries willing to go back to their native countries.

• The supply of urgent humanitarian, food and development aids to the population of developing countries through actions contributing to their economical and social growth, particularly in the fields of health, education, basic social infrastructures, as well as to the strengthening of their institutions and to the promotion of the respect of human rights.

• Promotion of equality between the two genders according to the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discriminations against Women of the UN.

• Enhancement of quality of life and for the protection of social and natural environment. We advocate, and make awareness and we believe that these aspects are closely connected and impact

each other, us we’re the bridge between these communities, us we make sure that young Africans would able to learn the skills and gain the knowledge that will help them out of the cycle of poverty

and secure their future. Supporting East African immigrant families to have clear and easy path to integrate and adapt in the Finland society, are more important than ever.